Below is a list of the programs I have worked on over the years for various different companies and channels.


Social History of WWI - BBC - presented by Jeremy Paxman (In production)

Britain and the Sea - BBC - presented by David Dimbleby (In production)


Britain's Lost Treasures Returned - Houghton -BBC4 - presented by Dan Cruickshank

The Fairytale Castles of King Ludwig 2 - BBC4 - presented by Dan Cruickshank

Battling Britain"s Past - BBC 4 - BBC productions

Power of Invention - BBC2 - BBC productions

Meteor - CH4 - Pioneer productions

Whale Adventures - CH5 - presented by Nigel Marvin Image Impact

The Year Britain Flooded - CH4 - Pioneer productions

Speed Dreams - BBC2 - BBC productions

Horizon - " Eat, Fast and Live Longer" - BBC2 - presented by Michael Mosley

Shakespeare - BBC2 - Blakeway productions

Falklands 30 th Anniversary - BBC 2 - BBC productions

Culture Show - BBC2 - BBC productions

Cakes - ITV - Rockhopper productions

Autumn Watch - BBC2 - BBC productions

Antiques To The Rescue - BBC

Orbit - Earth's Amazing Journey - 3 x 1 hrs. BBC2 - presented by Kate Humble and Helen Czerski

Empire - BBC1 - presented by Jeremy Paxman

Shakespeare's Italy - BBC2 - prensented by Francesco Da Mosto.

Childhood History - 3 x 1 hrs. BBC4 - Series Producer Mary Sackville-West.

Horizon - " Are we Good or Bad?" - Director Nikki Stockley.

Leonardo - 1hr. BBC1 - presented by Fiona Bruce.

Extreme Weather UK. Ch4 - Pioneer productions.

Mega Factories. National Geographic - Pioneer productions.

Jimmy's Christmas Dinner. CH4 - Fresh One productions.

Fake or Fotune presented by Fiona Bruce. BBC1 - Nicki Illis.

Panorama. BBC1 - Howard Bradburn.

"Art Of Russia" presented by Andrew Graham Dixon. BBC4 Dec 2009

Museum of Life - BBC2 - presented by Jimmy Doherty.

"Jimmy's Food Factory" presented by Jimmy Doherty. BBC1

"Saving Britain's Past" presented by Tom Dyckhoff. BBC2

"The Victorians" presented by Jeremy Paxman. BBC1 - Julian Birkett.

Horizon – "Jimmy’s GM Food Fight" BBC2 - Michael Lachman.

Last Man Standing. BBC2 - Dick Tayler.

James May’s Big Ideas. BBC2 - Nigel Patterson, Dan Walker.

Francesco’s Mediterranean Voyage. BBC2 - Jonty Claypole, Nikki Sears, Andrea Illescas, Andrea Carnivali.

Horizon - "Bodies" BBC2 - Michael Lachman.

Dan Cruichshank's Adventures in Architecture. BBC2 - Jon Hay, Helen Nickson, Anrea Illescas, John Mullin.

David Dimbleby "How We Built Britain" - Jonty Claypole, Nigel Walk, Sally, Benton, Nicky Illis, David Thompson.

Dan Cruickshank’s Marvels of the Modern Age - Sally Benton, Robin Dashwood.

Francseco’s Italy Top to Toe - Jonty Claypole, Andrea Illescas.

Seconds From Disaster x 3. National Geographic (Darlow Smithson) - Mattew Catling, Dan Gold.

Rough Science. BBC2 - Chris Riley, Nathan Williams.

The Empire Strikes Back. CH4 - Director Bindu Mathur.

The Man Who Faked His Life. CH4 - Liz Ticker.

African Architecture. BBC4 - John Holdsworth.

What Not to Wear. BBC2 - Jill Marshall.

Picture of Britain. BBC1 - Presented by David Dimbleby. Director Jonty Claypole.

Around the World in 80 Treasures with Dan Cruickshank. BBC2 - Tim Dunn, Jonty Claypole.

Ultimate Guide to Breast Cancer. BBC3 - Natalie Watts.

Body Hits: Cancer. Drugs in Sport. BBC - Paul King & Nicola Cook.

Horizon – "Thalideomide" BBC2 - Jill Marshall.

God on the Brain - Liz Tucker.

Narcolepsy - Annabel Gilling, Neil Besley.

Archimedes - Liz Tucker.

Plastic Surgery Ruined my Life. CH5 - Granada production.

Aphrodisiacs. CH5 - Angel Eye Film and TV.

What the Tudors and Stewarts Did For Us. BBC2 - Paul Bradshaw.

What the Victorians Did For Us - Cameron Balbirnie, Sam Starbuck, John Kent, Annabel Gilling.

Human Instinct: Robert Winston - Natasha Bondy, Nigel Patterson.

Super Human: Robert Winston. BBC1 - Natasha Bondy.

Final Frontiers of Space presented by Sam Neil. BBC1 - Jeremy Turner.

Genius. BBC1 - Natasha Bondy.

The Secret Life of Happiness. BBC1 - Diana Hill, Teresa Hunt.

Rebecca Wade Profile. BBC4 - Jan Klimkowski.

The Money Programme: Dot Con - Jan Klimkowski, Robi Butta.

The Lying Game. Discovery - Suzanne Levy.

Phobias. BBC1 - Natasha Bondy, Sarah Cable.

Ancestors - Jan Klimkowski, Nigel Paterson.

Secret Life of Giants. BBC/Discovery Science - Jan Klimkowski.

Raising the Dead. BBC/Discovery - Jan Klimkowski.

Spontaneous Human Combustion. BBC/Discovery - Stephen Leslie, Jan Klimkowski.

Trust Me I’m A Doctor. BBC 2 - Diana Hill, Jeremy Turner, Jan Klimkowski, Natasha Bondy, Lucy Dudman, Paul O’Connor, Alex Seabourne.

Secret Life of the Bentall Family. BBC/Discovery - Jeremy Turner.

Hybrids. Discovery - Granada Television.

Real Nightmares. BBC2

Robo Sapiens. Discovery - Eagle and Eagle.

Medieval Lives - Oxford Films & TV.

Panorama. BBC

Seconds to Disaster. National Geographic (Darlow Smithson)

Torture Trail Dispatches. TVF/ CH4.

Return to the Torture Trail – Dispatches, Ch4 - Martyn Gregory Films.

Panorama. BBC

Blue Peter. BBC Childrens

Planet Islam. BBC - Mentorn Barraclough Carey Productions.

The Cook Report. ITV - Central/Carlton Television

World in Action. Granada Television/ITV

The Science of Waves. Granada Television/National Geographic

The Sunday Programme. CH4 - Bazal Productions.

Africa Express. CH4 - Mentorn Barraclough Carey Productions.

The Big Story. ITV - 20 20 Television.

Undercover Britain. CH4

The Locker. ITV - Bronze Productions.

The Whitbread Yacht Race - Trans World International.

Britain’s Worst. ITV - Lion Television.

Travels with my Tutu. BBC - Palladin Productions.

Extreme Machines. Discovery - Pioneer Productions.

Dispatches - LWT/Ch4



Timewatch: The Allied Bombing Campaign. BBC2 - Detlef Siebert.

Timewatch: The War Revolution. BBC - Paul Bradshaw.

Blood of the Vikings. BBC2 - Suzanne Levy.

The Making of Britain. Meridian/Granada - Greame Thompson.



Rolfs Amazing Animals. BBC1 - Lucy Dudman, Paul O’Conner, Annabel Gilling.

Straight up. ITV

I Want that House. ITV

Holidaymaker. ITV

Absolutely Animal. CH4 - Bazal Productions.

British Sex. Sky - September Films.

Attractions. Ch5



Living China. BBC Education - Mary Sprent.

Talk Greek. BBC Education - Colette Thompson.

Talk Portuguese. BBC Education - Robert Cooke.

Ever Wondered About…Food? BBC - Open University Series.

Science in Focus: Big Questions - the Nature of Scientific Enquiry - Eagle and Eagle/4Learning. Director Bindu Mathur.

Germany Inside Out. BBC Education - Robert Cooke.


Specialist/ Close Up

Mutant Mice. BBC4 - Charles Colville.

Tomorrows World. BBC - Diana Hill, Bronwen Ley, Fiona Gammy, Chris Riley, Miranda Eady, Jenny Williams.

How Do They Do That? BBC - Reg Grundy Productions



Campaigning Videos - Small World Television.

Features & VNR’s for World Wildlife Fund - World Television.

Ford cars - Imagination.

Shell, Glaxo, British Airways - Corporate Television Network.